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Happy 2018, friends!
Do you make New Year's resolutions?  I don't any more.
To quote a classic (Vince Vaughan, Dodgeball obviously):
"...if you have a goal, you might not reach it.  But if you don't have one, then you are never disappointed.  And I gotta tell feels phenomenal."
Food for thought, just sayin'.
Thoughts & things:

Writing thank you notes are always on my radar & I've been encouraging Quinn to do the same.  These are fantastic for the little ones to practice gratitude & penmanship.

I lost one of my favorite gold bar stud earrings last month & replaced them with these (I got the short rose gold studs). Love!

Our architect is drawing up the plans for the kitchen reno; we're working out variances & all that fun city approval stuff.  Realistically, we're looking at early next year in terms of even starting demo, but it will be nice to have the plans in our hands whilst I pretend to be productive on Pinterest.
This layout is what we landed on (our island will have mega storage though).  
To the right (out of view) will be a banquette seating & pantry area.

Speaking of kitchens, a couple years ago we switched to coconut oil and ghee for high temperature cooking (unless it's high quality extra virgin olive oil, olive oil's antioxidant & culinary qualities degrade at higher temps, such as those used for roasting or grilling) but were never really fans of the taste.  Hello avocado oil!  I'm always the last to know.

Quinn lost her first tooth last week & she was so joyful using this lovely little doll to store her tooth for the tooth fairy (note: the tooth pocket is TINY & was a bit tricky for the tooth fairy to navigate but she managed it with tweezers 😅; the money was slipped under Quinn's pillow #oldschool)

In all seriousness, I hope your 2018 is off to a positive start.
Cheers to a bright year for you, our country, the world......
Happy weekend to you!

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Thank you!


  1. Dear FC: I’m always happy to see you pop up in my reader. New kitchen???? Will it be an addition? I want all the deets. How exciting!

    Totally need that tooth fairy deal. Henry hasn’t lost one but is obsssed with it happening and it would be fun to have it when he does.

    As for goals, I have plenty of things I want to do this year. But I don’t call them goals because then I’ll be annoyed at myself when they don’t happen. It’s like adding a task to my to do list to check it off. Sort of defeats the purpose but still so satisfying.

  2. Happy New Year! Woohoo, a kitchen renovation. I will watch your closely. I think we'll have to tackle ours sooner than we thought - currently living with a Sub Zero fridge with a busted freezer that is way too expensive to fix! :(

    I'll have to try avocado oil! I could just never get behind coconut oil.


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