A new rug pad

When we got our living room rug six years ago, I was stumbling around in a new parent haze.  I grabbed the cheapest, flimsiest rug pad off the shelf at the nearest store, threw it down on our floor, & didn't give it another thought.  

A few years later, while trying to retrieve Quinn's stickers that had slithered underneath the rug, I peeled it all back only to see that the inadequate rug "pad" had wrinkled, shifted, & did absolutely nothing to catch the debris from our foot traffic.  How did sand get embedded in our floorboards?!  Ooh, a fossilized Cheerio.

So I did what any self-respecting mom would do.......I caaaarefully put the rug back to hide the gross-ness & pretended it wasn't there.

Needless to say, a better rug pad has been on my radar.  When RugPadUSA connected with me about trying out one of their high-quality rug pads, I jumped at the chance.  RugPadUSA's products are manufactured, packed, and shipped from their factory in Connecticut. Their mission is to offer high-quality, eco-friendly, sustainable, made in the USA alternatives to imported PVC & plastic rug pads that are often loaded with chemicals & can damage floors and finishes over time. Their rug pads are durable & free of pthalates & toxins (available thru their site, as well as Amazon, Overstock, and Wayfair).

After peeling away the old rug pad & using some elbow grease to clean up those floorboards, we were ready for the new pad.  

I selected the Contour Lock rug pad (cushioning without the bulk), which is an eco-friendly 100% recycled felt with a natural rubber backing made from a rubber blend which contains less clay filler to prevent premature degradation of the pad in high-traffic areas.

Right away, I noticed:
1. There was absolutely no odor, which is always a relief to someone like me who's especially sensitive to that kind of thing.
2. The felt layer & rubber backing layer are well constructed.  They're not messing around here.
3. Unlike the thin, wrinkly mess that was our old rug pad, the RugPadUSA pad was incredibly easy to position.  
4. Once I was happy with the positioning of the rug pad, its felt layer gripped the rug I unrolled and the no-slip underside of the pad ensured no shifting.  Even after running the vacuum over the rug.  Even after a few wild kids were let loose on it (I hope their parents are coming back for them).  This rug isn't going anywhere.  
5. The added cushioning is subtle yet SO wonderfully welcoming.  Is this how the upper crust lives?!?

The fact that it's toxin-free gives this mom peace of mind.  I'm also thrilled about the protection of my floors & not discovering grit & debris under the rug pad.  A quick vacuum of the rug pad itself is all that will be needed.  Which, as the self-respecting mom that I am, I will probably never do.  Basically everybody wins.

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  Check a new affordable, high-quality rug pad off your home list, you'll love it :-)

I received a rug pad from RugPadUSA to review.  All opinions & thoughts are honest & my own.  I only review products I'm completely satisfied with.

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