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Spring is in the air, I can practically smell it. 
Though here in Colorado, a spring snowstorm or two always awaits.  Last Easter, we were blasted with so much snow that our neighborhood egg hunt had to be cancelled.  
We all joked about doing this:
It wouldn't surprise me if there were still snow on the ground.

Anyway, thoughts & things:

Gray's house is so full of color & fun!

The Glorification of Motherhood.  I have a love/hate relationship with social media (don't we all).

Trying to decide on new bedside lights for our master between this this & this.

Cannot wait for this Target collaboration!  Mine are still going strong five years on.

It's all about the textures in this neutral home.

Quinn received a makeup set recently & of course I freaked when I read this article.  Asbestos?!?  I threw out that set & got her this & this instead.  It's not cheap & a bit messier, but much safer.  Yeesh 😒

My hostess-extraordinaire friend Misty threw an incredible Super Bowl party (this post was meant to be published last month lol) & I made these yummy bites.

Quinn's helping me make this happen for our St. Patrick's Day gathering.

Hope spring treats you well, friends!

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  1. Thank you so much for bringing up the asbestos found in makeup. My daughter recently turned 3 and will probably be into play makeup in a few years.

    1. You're so welcome, Doris! I had no idea until I did the research & am stunned asbestos-laced play makeup is so widely available. So glad this helped.

  2. Gah. Why did I read the makeup article? Can’t I just live blissfully unaware??

    Also. That article about the glorification of motherhood. Got me in the gut. Social media use is something I struggle to control. I hate it but I can’t stop scrolling. I’ve had to start putting actual blocks up for myself to keep me from mindless scrolling. I’ve begun to believe that our kids will look at us during this time in history and laugh about how stupid it was that we were on our phones all the time.


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