Falling for...

Crisp mornings have arrived & we've been sporting sweaters on our walk to school.  Then we shed them by 9 am & forget to bring them home (ahem, Quinn).  Yes, fall is definitely making cameo appearances.  While I'm fond of fall, I'm also desperately clinging to these waning days of summer.  To help me cope during this difficult transition (I'll be OK, thank you for your concern, please drop off casseroles), I'm turning to my dear friend, retail therapy.  

Currently falling for......

velvet pillow (have this on our sofa; love it's softness & rich hue) || bronze + olive velvet pumpkins 
wall lamp (hope these will fulfill my ever-shifting vision for our bedroom) || wreath
beads (got these last year as decor) || throw blanket (currently trying to wrestle this out from under our dog)

mohair cardigans || cable knit cardigan
mid-calf boots , also here (just got these & love the versatile mid-calf height) || wellies
girls cord dress || footless tights (Quinn loves these, warm & comfy)
kids wellies (more designs here, here, herehere, here😀)

To everyone on the East Coast, especially in the Carolinas, stay safe!  Thinking of you all.
I'll wrap this up with one of my favorite fall vignettes.  
I'm not sure of its provenance but I think it's from Martha.

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