Mother of Dragons

Quinn is firmly ensconced in 1st grade, which means she's now in school all day (all day kindergarten is quite spendy here so we opted for her to attend half days last year).  For the first time since 2011, I'm finding myself with long stretches of so-called free time.  To do things like...I don't know....start AND finish projects in the same day.  Or have coffee with friends without feeling guilty for not being productive!  Or eat lunch when I want.  Or sit in a chair.....then sit in a different chair for as long as I want!  Or work more (bookkeeper here, saving lives).  No, let's go back to sitting in chairs!

Any Game of Thrones fans out there?  
One day this summer, Quinn proclaimed she wanted to be a dragon for Halloween.  I fell down the rabbit hole once I googled dragon costumes & stumbled upon this fun interpretation of the Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen aka Mother of Dragons & her little dragons.  I do love Halloween costume elements that can be worn, I'll wear that platinum  wig when I volunteer for the school book fair....or attend our parent-teacher conference.  

Here's my interpretation of our GoT-inspired Halloween costumes:

dragon cloak (almost got this & this is a snuggly option) | face gems
tee leggings (we love these thicker legging-pants) boots 

 tee  (looks like it's sold out...more options here & hereskirt wig | boots

Fozzy will partake (the concept is Mother of Dragons after all):
dragon dog costume

He's absolutely thrilled.

Not sure how the Mr. will fit into this theme.....a Dothraki ensemble for him would be frigid & awkward #nipples  (I don't have an idea board for that.)
Would love to hear what you have planned for Halloween costumes! 


  1. I wish for the days when Chloe would still let me pick out a cute Halloween costume for her. Now, if it's not "dead", it's not a good costume to her. This year her plan is 'dead DJ zombie', whatever that means ;) Love family costumes. You totally would rock that platinum hair!

    Yay for time to sit on as many chairs as you want! Working is overrated ;)

    1. Chloe's always ahead of the trend. 'Dead DJ zombie' costumes will be on Target shelves here in the US next Halloween, I'm calling it! Remember when we could dress them in cute clothes every day?! Wasn't that time supposed to last longer than it did?

      I'm off to sit in more chairs ;-) Happy weekend, my friend, xoxo!

  2. Your costumes are going to be great! I'm planning to dress our baby girl (also Quinn!) as Piglet and our pup Pooh. :) I might get an Eeyore hat to wear cause man, postpartum is brutal! Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks, Kristen! Sweet Quinn (yay) & your pup (Ruby?) will look ADORABLE as Piglet & Pooh, I love it! Oh mama, the postpartum hair loss is so brutal & real but it does stop, promise...then the lovely fine little hairs grow in ;-) I'm indebted to a toothbrush & hairspray lol.


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