Encinitas, CA 2018

R had a work trip in southern California a couple of weeks ago, so we thought it would be fun to piggy back off of his trip for a little family vacation.  Quinn & I flew out to meet him & we headed to our favorite beach town, Encinitas.  R would spend summers there with his best friend during their teen years & we started taking Quinn when she was three.  Needless to say, this quintessential beach town holds a special place in our hearts.

Our friends from Oregon came down to join us. They also have an only child & we only-childers tend to gravitate to each other, I've noticed!  Our girls have been friends since their preschool days & the girls have kept in touch via Skype.  Vacationing as a family is way more fun when we're with friends with kid(s), we learned that early on 😉.  Lots of surfing, fresh seafood (the most delicious poké bowls!!), & beach shenanigans ensued.  I forgot how much Sauvignon Blanc can be consumed at sea level ha.....

We all stayed at a lovely VRBO & the view from the back patio was glorious.
She has some signature beach poses 😁
Quinn caught dinner ha!
Checking out the tide pools!
Trying not to let the sea birds steal our lunch.
We miss you already, Encinitas.
Until next time!

Encinitas 2017
Encinitas 2014

(Reflecting on our previous trips, I'm realizing how much less stuff 
I had to pack for Quinn every time.  They grow so fast!)