I'll bring the bottle of Cristal.

I have what my husband calls "champagne taste on a beer budget". The champagne taste I acquired; the budget part is my husband's doing.
So I announced to my other half during a Sunday of watching football (this is how I work my magic) that after exactly 1 year of being in our house, I was going to finally put the master bedroom together. He nodded vaguely and murmured, "Just don't go too crazy."

I sort of stuck to this inspiration board from many moons ago. I'm not surprised the Hubs vetoed the mirrored nightstands--insert disappointed sigh here. While this room isn't completely 100% finished and still has imperfections (uneven nightstands, headboard's a tad too small--gah!), I can honestly say that this room doesn't depress me anymore.
Sweet dreams.
before (when we moved in & right after paint)

And now:

My splurge, always need to have fresh flowers bedside:
(I hid the alarm clock for this photo, ooh sneaky.)

linen drum shade
My decor budget breakdown:~3 silk pillows (Target-sorry can't seem to find it on their site): $54
~white wrinkle-free duvet w/ shams (BB&B): $48 after 20% off coupon
2 damask ottomans (Target): $70
mirrored sunburst (West Elm): gift
linen drum shade (Pottery Barn): $39
~paint (Behr Toffee Crunch): $22
~lamps: gift from a friend who used them to stage houses until I made her promise them to me =)
~headboard (Pier 1 wall art piece we had laying around): $50

Total spent= $261

UPDATE: Oops, apparently doing math after 3 glasses of wine is not recommended. Actual total: $283!

Sidenote: Sadly, I gave up the Tango pillow because the pattern competed too much with the headboard and the damask =( Perhaps its new home will be in our guest room?