Is white always right?

Well, I thought painting our fireplace mantle white would be
the right decision for our living room..............what do you think?

Although it doesn't look too bad here, the varnished wood in real life was in poor shape
& had an orange tint to it. The dirty peachy-pink tile is 26 yrs old and screams '80's to me.
{sanded} {after}
1 coat of Kilz Gripper primer & 2 coats of Benjamin Moore China White {satin}
(after seeing Teresa use it on her gorgeous nursery dresser).The plan is to replace the tile (it's so blah) but that can't be done until after we replace the fireplace insert (it's horribly old and inefficient). Which won't happen until this summer.

While I adore the color (it's the perfect soft white w/ no yellow undertones), I can't decide if I'm in love with the new white look. It's probably the tile that's throwing me off! Mr. FC prefers the wood look. Then again if he had his way, our home would look like a fraternity house.
Thoughts? Because, though I love the man, you all have better taste than Mr. FC =o)