Immortal orchid

I'm an orchid killer. Like, serial.

When it comes to flowers, I prefer real. And when it comes to bathroom flora, I prefer orchids. Alas, our bathroom has no window to allow for natural light upon these delicate creatures. I can't even keep them alive in broad daylight for heaven's sake; let's not even ponder how they'd fare under artifical light.

On my hunt for a faux orchid (*gasp!* Hers aren't real?! We're still talking about orchids right?) I realized that a lot of them are atrocious. The blooms too waxy, the arrangement too ornate, the price--well, I might as well get real ones and just keep replacing them.

So that is how I found myself in our kitchen, staring at floral supplies from Michael's. Cue the flashbacks of sitting at the table with my juice and dumplings, watching my mother arrange silk flowers in a vase (Hey, I'm part Chinese. We didn't get cookies as an afterschool snack. We got delicious homemade dumplings made with love and a threat that we better eat them or we were taking them to school in our lunchboxes and would have to face the the stares from all the other kids who were munching on PB & J.).

I don't like the moss I chose, so it's back to the store for more realistic moss.

I wanted it to be as life-like as possible, so I used just one stem. I also noticed that real orchids are usually tethered to a bamboo reed or a stick to help anchor it. So, armed with this knowledge and Google images, I created The Immortal Orchid for our soon-to-be-finished bathroom.
(Immortal? What? *cranes neck* Is there a Cullen in the house?)

Total cost: ~$11 (already had the vase)
Am I totally tacky? Are we no longer blogosphere friends?