Weird Wednesday

As the "About Me" section proclaims, I have a penchant for randomness, so just some items of interest bouncing around inside my head this week. You've been warned. It's not too late to skip over this post, you know =)

  • Blog = "web"+ "log". I don't know why this never occurred to me until my friend pointed it out. I always assumed it wasn't short for anything (like "pants"....... ohhh......right.). Hello Oblivious, party of one.
  • Hot ass cookies. Did things just get weird in here? These just speak for themselves. All they require are heart-shaped cookie cutters, dough, and a raunchy sense of humor (you must read her post). I'm dying to make these for someone's bachelorette party but since I'm an old married woman, I don't know many bachelorettes anymore. *cough* Sara, Kirsten *cough* Although now, I think I've officially secured an "uninvite" to their bachelorette parties, for fear of me bringing these cookies.

  • Yet another reason(s) to want Ikea Lack shelves, thanks to Desire to Inspire. Would like to implement this in our kitchen. I know open shelving is not appealing to everyone but I am a fan. What can I say? I like to dust have nothing to hide.

  • I almost signed off on an email to a family member with 'Love, FC'. Oh dear.

  • A razor blade will scrape almost anything off of a glazed bathtub (use w/ caution). This includes dried grout, caulk, rust, and mysterious stains that happened before our time that I'd rather not think about.

  • I must be the only person on this earth who does not FaceBook. Did I even use that term correctly?

  • I have a twisted sense of humor. So it's only natural that I think The Bloggess is hilarious. Thank you to the chick who makes me ashamed of my sweats funny, loveable fashionista Chloe for introducing me to it.

  • We own a lot of DVD's. So why do I always find Mr. FC watching the exact same movies we own on TV, with commercials, and colorful language dubbed over with pathetic alternate dialogue?

    Hmmm, maybe I should look into that outlet for random thoughts called Twitter.

    Lord help us all then, because there would be no escaping FC =)