Hiding from the paparazzi

I'm approaching my 2 year blogiversary (and will be hosting a blog giveaway soon to thank my readers--stay tuned). As I was sifting through old posts from that first year, it was sort of like looking back through an old yearbook. Nostalgia tinged with a little embarrasment and a lot of laughing.

One of the more entertaining posts from those days is this one . I've always secretly envied people who look like famous people (good or bad ones). It always makes for a fantastic conversation starter ("How are things? Did I ever tell you I bear an uncanny resemblance to Fergie?"). Pathetic? Yes. Interesting? Always. But as Mr. FC always points out, "You confuse people. It's like you're an ethnic enigma. No offense." Thanks, man.

My results from 2 yrs ago:

-S.H. Lee (ummmm, "adult" star.....it's a good thing my Mom doesn't go near computers or my blog.)
-Angelina Jolie (must be the lips)
-Beyonce (must be the tan)
-Mariah Carey (I won't even begin to tell you all that's wrong and offensive with this match--no offense to Mariah fans out there.)

Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of a celebrity? Do share your paparazzi-worthy tidbit.