It's what's on the outside that counts

I confess.
I've put off posting pics of the newly painted exterior because I wanted to put the finishing touches on it/style it/add new door hardware, etc. etc. etc. Then I realized that if I was waiting for all that, then by the time I got around to actually posting pics, it'd probably be time to paint the house again.

Then it snowed last weekend. Then all of our trees decided to dump their ice-laden leaves onto our whole property, giving it a sadly naked, rumpled look. So.......of course, this would be the perfect time to take photos for the big exterior reveal, right?! I am just keeping it honest around here. Our landscaping is awful & non-existent, there's a ratty old storm door (pushed aside for the pics), peeling brass door hardware, and much much much more to do.  
But to hell with it all! Here is our humble abode (our Colorado cabin cottage if you will) in its current state. 

While I haven't documented every little thing that we've worked on in this fixer-upper house of ours, I have been avoiding discussing the exterior. About the only thing we've done since moving in 2 yrs ago was replace all of the rusty gutters (and route them away from the house's foundation) & the garage door, and pour a new driveway. The exterior was embarrassingly weathered but you could still see a glimpse of its glory days. Like seeing a cougar flirting with the college guys at a bar. Rawwwrrrrr.

We hired contractors to do the exterior work. Best money we ever spent (their quote was incredibly reasonable) and it was all done in approx. 2 weeks. Sometimes it's hit or miss with contractors but these guys were great.

{The ugly money pit on closing day}
{ last fall }

No more rotting trim--heck yes.

Is anyone still reading?!
The color we chose is not one I would normally have gravitated towards; Mr. FC was actually the one who found it. One day, he came home with a sample of Benjamin Moore's Mohegan Sage and I was instantly nervous that it would be too green, too dark for what we envisioned.  I'm obviously an overly-anxious freak. It's the perfect, chameleon-like shade of velvety green with sable undertones. For the trim we chose Benjamin Moore's White Dove.  It's a soft white that looks perfectly crisp (but not stark) next to the dark color.

Maybe now, little trick or treaters won't run away from our house crying that it's too scary.
Maybe now, I won't have to eat a basketful of Nerds & mini Butterfingers all by my lonesome.
You're welcome, thighs.

Next up: new energy efficient windows!