Marble-ous: the backsplash

These carrara marble tiles caught my eye last year, so I ordered them; they arrived back in April.
We just now installed them. That's 8 months later.
I think the FC's just set a record on procrastination.
Are you crazy? They'll get stained and etched all the time. Marble? Don't you think plain stock tile would be more cost efficient for your, um, "starter" kitchen?

I didn't listen. I wanted marble and I wanted it to be carrara. Who says a teeny tiny kitchen doesn't deserve sparkling carrara marble? For a bit over $200 (that's for tiles, supplies, & labor) why not, right? Plus, if we do ever expand this kitchen, this wall has to stay put anyway, so......that coaxed us even further into justifying the small splurge on marble.

Again, let's revisit the before.

And here's the current!
(sidenote: still need to caulk; we also chose to recess our outlets rather than tile under them).
Look, I prettied up my little kitchen for you all!
Small kitchen + odd angles = a need for FC's amateur cropping/editing skills

Dear folks over at Izze, feel free to send any complimentary beverages my way. Ha! =o]

The process:

Note about natural stones like marble:
*It's recommended that you seal it adequately before grouting it. That way, the grout doesn't discolor the pristine white carrara (marble's porous by nature). Don't freak out if the tiles seem to "soak up" the moisture from the grout. This will dissipate if you've sealed the tiles properly.

*You must seal it again after grouting (and every 4-6 months for high traffic areas) to prevent any food/beverage staining. Red wine, I'm talking to you. It's really quite a snap to do the sealing.
*Also with marble, use unsanded grout to prevent scratching of this "soft" tile. Plus the spacing between our tiles is 1/16", so unsanded grout filled these voids better than sanded grout.
The budget breakdown:
mortar & grout (grout color is Delorean Gray): ~$30
misc. supplies, etc. (we already owned the tile saw): ~$10labor: free courtesy of Mr. FC (mostly) & me ("Hey, that tile looks crooked.")
Total for backsplash: ~$210
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