Wall art: branching out

Happy Friday!

Just have a small room update to share. I haven't been truly content with our master bedroom for a few reasons. Reason one : what to put above the bed. Originally, I had a sunburst there and then toyed with a grouping of frames. Neither really jumped out at me; besides, even though they hung on drywall anchors, I had a recurring dream that they'd come crashing down on our heads. (My other recurring dream is the one where I finally join Twitter and FaceBook only to realize that I had been a member this whole time; people just chose to not "friend" me or "poke" me or "tweet" me or whatever it is that you social networkers do. HA! But seriously.)

I first saw vinyl branch decals in action in photos of my design-loving buddies' homes
here and here. By the time I decided to make the leap, the designer version's prices had skyrocketed. I finally found Etsy seller Orqueshaw's WallDecors who offers their own rendition for a fraction of the price (I requested them in gold which they so kindly made for me, even though it wasn't one of their listed selections at the time).

They come with instructions so I'll spare you the details. Tip: Use a credit card to help get rid of air bubbles when applying the decal. My wall is slightly textured w/ ripples and though it took a bit more elbow grease, the decal stuck like a champ.

One of these days I'll get home early enough to take a picture in the daylight, darn winter darkness. (For the details on our DIY headboard, click here.)

It's exactly what I wanted, plus it was easy & inexpensive. Visually interesting in an abstract way, has a hint of shine, but is still light & airy on the eyes (and our heads). I still have to address the opposite wall (art, an upholstered bench) and I'd love to find thriftstore lamps to revamp.
Have a lovely weekend!!