Divine equine

There's an empty expanse of wall that's part of a stairwell leading to the lower scary unfinished level of our humble abode. We are going to hang an enormous canvas transfer of the photo (below) on the wall.

I know, talk about a drastic departure from my usual style, right? I wanted something utterly unique and just a bit quirky. It was taken by our phenomenal photographer friend, Ben, who has an amazing ability for capturing the quiet moments in nature with his camera lens.

(This is pulled from a screen shot; the original image is so much more magnificent.)

Mr. FC and I are in love with this piece--don't they all look so pensive & soulful, dancing the line between breathtaking & comedic? The contrast of the stormy grey sky touching down on the golden brush landscape is so lovely. This just captures the rustic West that we live in beautifully.

Plus, I get a huge kick out of imagining this: you enter our home, look to your right, and these majestic guys are giving you the judgemental inquisitive side-eye. If that doesn't say Welcome to the Freckles Chick home, I don't know what does. (Just checking to see if anyone actually reads my posts.) The plan is to hang this photo and place a mid-century modern credenza we scored on Craigs List in the foreground (our entryway).

I obviously have a soft spot for these creatures because I found a few pics filed away in my inspiration folder of the equine variety. It can work, my friends.

photos by Eric Roth

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What are your thoughts on animal anything in home decor?
Am I the only quirky one? Come on, I can take it. =]