Lyrical & literal

I hope you all have been ringing in 2010 with good cheer, good health, and good times! T H A N K Y O U for stopping by to say hi--those moments buoyed me up like you wouldn't believe. So here I am, feeling a bit better & finally getting a chance to share an easy project I did before the madness of the holidays & my herniated disc nuisance.

I wanted to frame something meaningful to hang above my side & Mr. FC's side of the bed. We've been married for 5 years now (been stuck with each other for over 10 years--heh!). I wasn't envisioning the traditional wedding photos as our photographer was awful and well, we are so not traditional. So I thought: lyrical snippets of two important songs played at our wedding would look nice.
I love word art. It's so.........literal.

1. Googled the lyrics (it has been 5 years, people), copied & pasted them into a Word document. I thought about playing around with the text/placement in Publisher, but in the end I just kept it simple. Like a page taken out of a novel or a handwritten love letter (Quit making vomit sounds, I can hear you).

Spent way too much time on this site experimenting with fun, free fonts. For my side of the bed: I used the font "Jane Austen" for the song I walked down the aisle to (Forever by Ben Harper). Woot-woot, I adore all things Austen. Edited to add: The squiggly scrolls were found here thanks to Simply Seleta. For Mr. FC's side: I used a more masculine font aptly named "Love Letter" (not so masculine name) to transform the lyrics of our first dance song (Stay Forever by Ween). Don't judge me once you've heard this song. I'm married to a punk-rock lover/snowboarder/skateboarder, you know.
3. A truly creative person would have screen-printed these on some sort of hand-pressed parchment and soaked them in a "tea bath" to antique them up a bit. But you're talking to FC here. I just used my trusty laser printer, & my favorite linen-esque paper from the craft store will suffice (it has a gorgeous "pearl" finish & were just $.52 each). If it looks familiar, it's because I also used the white version of this paper in this project.

4. Press them into frames/mats and hello little darlings. I used two old frames that were just marinating in the dusty basement--they're not matchy-matchy but that's OK.

So every night, before we stumble into bed at the close of an exhausting day, we'll look at these lyrics and lovely memories from our wedding will flutter back to the ridiculous open-bar bill our fun-loving friends managed to rack up at our wedding..........and the strangely captivating/classy dance-off to Madonna, 50 Cent, & Outkast that took place towards the end of the night.
Love is awesome.