Fun with frost

Happy February!

Another Monday, another work week. Does anyone else get the Sunday night blues? My stomach sometimes balls up into a stressed knot, just anticipating what the impending work week will bring. But the great thing about Xanax weekends is that there's always another one to look forward to, right?

I hope your weekend was lovely! Here's a small project I squeezed into a recent weekend; it literally took just minutes to do. After seeing what the astoundingly creative (seriously, she's got endless decorating energy) Kate (Centsational Girl) did with frosting spray paint, I've longed to try this wonder product. Take a $4.99 reed diffuser, some inexpensive stickers (Michael's craft store), a couple coats of frosting spray paint (Lowe's), and you've glimpsed THE highlight of my weekend.

I must say, frosting spray paint is SO easy to work with. Spray with a light hand, using big sweeping motions (as with any spray paint) and you can't go wrong. Drying time was a snap too, way less than regular spray paint. The possibilities with this stuff are endless. I was all, You Fantastic Frostiness, where have you been all my life?

I leave you these pics of my little monogramming adventure with frosting spray paint.

{ the supplies }

{ the layout }

{ attach stickers }

{ before spraying, protect the fragrance with painter's tape }

{ let dry completely; peel off stickers }

{ { { { { AFTER } } } } }

::::::waves::::::: Helloooo friends!!

This would make a lovely personalized gift for someone, don't you think?
A chic twist on the usual suspect, so simple!

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