Awkward silence and a movie

Sorry for the awkward silence around here lately. Who am I kidding, I seem to thrive in awkward situations. To be honest, I had nothing worthwhile to blog about as we're in the throes of planning our basement renovation (all we've got down there are concrete walls and a scary toilet), planning a trip to Italy for next spring (those air miles people insist we book a year in advance), peppered with me trying to find a Happy Hour that will still have me social obligations here and there.

It hit 70 degrees here today (five days ago there was two feet of snow on the ground) so I think spring has finally sprung. Which means there are exactly 2 more months until this:
UPDATED ON 4/9/10 TO ADD: This is the most recent preview (just released).
Oh my, I'm breathless with anticipation.

Original preview:
I promise I won't display a SATC 2 countdown in my sidebar. No, I think the countdown calendar I created (the one with the pink cosmos and Jimmy Choos all over it, currently residing by my bed) will suffice. I don't want to over do it.

Talk about awkward.

I'll be honest, I never watched the show. I knew just enough about it to enjoy the movie for the pure fun it offered. Does that make me a poser? For what it's worth I did know what a cosmo was long before the series came along. Oh, how I knew........

Since this post is pretty heavy & serious stuff, let me switch gears. Question: So, I've heard New Yorkers walk everywhere. How do you walk in those stilettos all day? You must be rocking the Dr. Scholl's gel inserts or something. I'd love to know your secret. Uh. Did I just create yet another awkward moment.

Update: Voila! Anonymous Commenter to the rescue: "The key to walking around NYC in heels all day is wearing high-quality shoes with leather soles that flex when you walk and stretch and grow over time with your feet. Good quality shoes are worth every penny. No matter how glam you think your nine west strappy sandals are, if they have synthetic soles, they are going to hurt after an hour or so. So don't wear cheap shoes." Thanks Anonymous. So what you're saying is that me and my Target peep-toed pumps wouldn't last a day in NYC. Oh hell.

Any other SATC lovers out there? Haters? Discuss.

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to my new readers. I'm seeing a lot of new "faces" and that makes me so thrilled. Thank you for reading and commenting!! And as always, thank you to my longtime readers, for sticking with me! Even if this might henceforth be dubbed the "awkward blog".