Come on over (closet makeover)!

I'm guest blogging today over at A Brooklyn Limestone In Progress as part of Mrs. Limestone's Favorite Nook series.
I hope you'll join me as I share my closet revamp!

Have a charming Thursday!
Updated March 2010: Below is my closet with some small updates.  To read the original post, click here.

 I tackled my sad little closet back in January 2010 as one of my New Year's resolutions. This was the pathetic state it was in, pretty much from the time we moved in (3 years ago). Embarassing.

What we did....................

Because my closet is miniscule, we took advantage of vertical storage options (thank goodness Mr. FC has his own closet in a separate room that serves as our home office). I asked him to install a 2nd shelf above the exisiting one that came with the closet when we bought the house. And being totally whipped the saint that he is, Mr. FC obliged. He used a shelf from Home Depot (they sell shelves that come with a rounded edge which gives them a more finished look) that cost a mere $7, as well as wood scraps (remnants from other house projects that he simply miter-cut accordingly) to fashion "bolsters" to attach the shelf to studs in the wall. Sturdy enough to hold my so-called junk, indeed.

I stepped in to prime and paint the shelf with leftover white paint. Throw in a trip to the Container Store for storage containers, Target for shoe shelves and a mirror, HomeGoods for fancy/non-slip hangers (Target also sells "finger clips" as hanger add-ons to hang skirts & such), and my basement for miscellaneous items----voila!

You won't find any fancy shelving systems here; just simple/easily-assembled storage solutions.
{ Note: I have a small dresser that houses everything else that I couldn't cram into this space and the rest went into the donations pile. }


Isn't there a rule that says grown women shouldn't wear headbands? Pish-posh.

{See below for details on headband holder.}

This odd thing was tucked away in my basement (Pier 1 clearance $4.98). Pinecone? Artichoke? Asparagus tip? After two coats of semi-gloss white spraypaint, I'm excited to report that it now resembles, uh, a giant Q-tip. Awesome. Makes a lovely hat stand though.


I usually put my money towards our fixer-upper house projects, so it was nice to whip this closet into shape for me. This nook is a small extension of myself; it's organized chaos if I ever saw it. =0]

Budget breakdown:
velvet non-slip hangers: $25 (TJ Maxx)
"finger clips" for skirts, strapless dresses/tops: $9 ($3 x 3, Target)
Closetmaid shoe shelves: $30 ($10 x 3,Target) ---> there are four pictured, but I already owned one from years ago

extra shelf: $7 (Home Depot)
storage containers: $20 (Container Store; already had 2 boxes, got 2 more)
hat stand: $5

headband holder: $7 ( Container Store; added a strip of adhesive felt to keep headbands in place)
total: ~ $103