That's what he said

I took a day off work yesterday. Just because. Do you ever do that? I can't remember the last time I took a day off that wasn't a holiday; I even went to work during my herniated disc debacle. I don't get sick (knock on wood); we haven't taken a vacation in an eternity. It's nice to just take a personal day, not go anywhere, and just regroup. I highly recommend it.

In my efforts to usher in spring, I finally put those suffering poinsettas out of their misery.
So I potted this fern............

in this lovely urn...................

which in turn (hi Dr. Seuss,
I'm FC).............prompted this when the Husband came home:

Me: Look what I potted.
Mr. FC: It looks like you potted Side Show Bob's hair.


{ Ewww, obviously I need to give our stoop a good scrub-down. Sorry for the unsightly stains.}


I think Side Show Bob would approve.
fiberglass urn: HomeGoods $30 (purchased w/ a gift card so free for me)
real Boston fern: Lowe's $10

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