I usually refrain from posting collections of photos I see on the Old World Wide Web (there are plenty of blogs out there that fulfill this niche and they do it well), but I just couldn't help myself today. Here are some images I can't get out of my head on this Wednesday:

An image from a benefit at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. The manzanitas hanging from the ceiling, the parchment signs, the ghost chiavaris, all those candles!! I adore this setup for all its eerie beauty.

Empty frames never looked so good (can't remember the source, my apologies):

I'm fascinated by Sharon Montrose's animal photos (plucked from Aubrey & Lindsay's Blog).
I love that she uses a simple white background to allow the animal's beauty and personality to shine.

By now, I'm sure you've seen Mila's Daydreams (plucked from Rambling Renovators). Magical. Charming. Simply amazing. Look closely because Mila's mom, Adele, creates these "dreams" out of fabrics & various household acoutrements. Not only is Mila a beautiful baby, she's apparently a sound sleeper too.
Even Mr. FC was enamored: "That is some trippy shiznit."

And for some more cuteness, here.
Incorporate some sloth into your lives (plucked from Door Sixteen) . You're welcome.

How's that for a random/weird post?
You don't have to say it. I know what you're thinking.
As my best friend says, I'm as nutty as squirrel poo.

Happy Wednesday. The weekend's just around the corner!

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