Waldo (I'm a fan)

Can you tell that I raided our renovation supplies to make my Halloween costume:

That is white duct tape from Mr. FC's supply closet, y'all.  And a rice crispy treat in my right hand (priorities).  Presumptuous of me to say, but if you ever thought I might be someone you'd like to meet in real life, think again.  If you've never thought that, then never mind.
 Things I learned:
1. No one sells red and white striped tops for women, perhaps for fear of being mistaken for Waldo (Wally to the British). Or a candycane. So I made one using a red tee & white duct tape.
2. Don't tape your shirt before putting it on (the shirt won't stretch to make room for your  "girls").
3.  "My stripes are tight." Don't tape your shirt if you plan to eat a lot. I like to eat. A lot.
4. Who needs wine when you can get buzzed up thanks to the duct tape fumes wafting from your Waldo shirt.
5. An alarming number of people don't know who Waldo is. What. I got a lot of "Who's Waldo?" and I was all "No, where's Waldo?" It was all very confusing.
6. You'll be glad to know that my costume didn't hinder my Halloween beer pong capabilities at all. If you're appalled that a bunch of supposedly sophisticated 30-somethings still play beer pong, don't fret.......there were absolutely no kegstands
7. For once, I didn't have the sluttiest costume. 
8. Rice crispy treats dyed black are a fun surprise at a Halloween party (they sort of sparkle).
9. That black food coloring is not such a fun surprise once you've gone to the bathroom the next day. In fact, it's downright alarming.
10. Hiro's not a fan of Waldo.  He's still peering at me suspiciously.

** No, we did not hang out in the garage all night.  The party was in my friend Julie's immaculate, tastefully decorated house.  The garage was for beer pong purposes only.  We're considerate like that.
** Those few minutes you just spent reading this ridiculous post? Sorry that you won't ever get those minutes back.  =[