Nursery Diaries: Part 3

As I'm at 33 wks in my pregnancy, the race is on to pull the elements of the nursery together.  Which is sort of silly as she will most likely sleep in a basinette in our room for the first few weeks.........but then again, I doubt we'll have even one moment to attend to anything besides the Peanut in those early weeks.  So, better now than later, right?

I know how fortunate I am to be feeling pretty good thus far; I'm not taking that for granted at all!  My energy level has allowed me to function somewhere between full throttle (i.e., bouncing off walls) & pleasantly productive.  Mr. FC keeps reminding me to take it easy.  Uh, excuse me, have we met?!  Call it the nesting instinct or more likely, call me the type who rarely sits still, it just feels really good to check things off our "Prep For Baby Checklist".  So in between doctors's appointments, birthing classes, working, & life we've been plugging away at the nursery any chance we get.......and trying to savor every minute of this journey because it really flies by so quickly.  Hope you don't mind these little updates as we plod along versus an instant gratification reveal!

I found this  sturdy 1950's real wood dresser on Craigs List a few weeks ago for $75 (which is a deal for our area).  It has the perfect dimensions for a changing table with storage to boot.  It just looked like it had been hit with the ugly stick too many times.
Nothing a good sand & paint job can't fix.

The only way Mr. FC will allow me to paint currently: outside in the fresh air, with gloves, & lots of water breaks.

I wanted to seal & stainblock the piece so I primed it inside & out.
Not gonna lie, this piece was sort of a beeotch to prime, lots of nooks & crannies.
FYI: we discovered Kilz Clean Start primer (zero VOC) over a year ago & it's our preferred primer.

Pardon the grainy photos.  Our camera's been temperamental & pooping out on us lately. 

I just love these art deco Anthropologie knobs
So, I originally replaced all the knobs with them but the overall effect was too......gaudy. 
So I toned it down with simple antiqued gold knobs from Home Depot.

One of my favorite details are the knobbly legs.

In other news, I ordered some fabric samples from Tonic Living for the nursery drapes.
I've already picked my favorite.  Any guesses? =]
Edited to add: use code RAMBLING for 10% off your Tonic Living order, courtesy of Rambling Renovaters.  Thanks so much, Jen!!

More to come in this nursery saga.  Please contain your excitement.
I know I'm so stoked, I could just pee.

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