Nursery Diaries: Part 4

Sorry for the lack of posts! 
Whoever said that the nesting instinct really kicks in when a prego approaches her due date wasn't lying. I'm 36 weeks now & my nesting instinct has kicked into hyper overdrive.  Over the past few days I've cleaned out the fridge, rearranged the pantry, did maintenance on the washer/dryer, laundered & organized the Peanut's clothes, prepared freezer meals for the week after we get home from the hospital, purged old files at work, & cleaned out my car.  This is what happens when FC's sober  got the nesting bug.

Remember my ideas for the nursery?  One of my goals was to repurpose some items we already have which brings me to the ceramic garden stool we had sitting on our deck.  It was orginally white but the sun had yellowed it; some of the paint had also chipped off.  I wanted to spraypaint it (for that glossy, even finish) a raspberry color but was worried about the off-gassing (spraypaint fumes are horrible).  I considered hand-brushing it using no VOC paint but was concerned about an uneven finish & the time-consuming factor.  So I called a couple green hardware stores in the Boulder area (no shortage of those around here) & they both suggested sealing the spraypaint with this stuffNote: Acrylacq is not no VOC; it's low VOC & helps prevent off-gassing.  It's not the perfect solution but it comes close.  A little pricey for a quart but there's so much left over for future projects.

I spraypainted the ceramic stool, let it cure in our garage for a week (OK, I forgot about it), applied a couple coats of Acrylacq (follow the instructions on the can), and let that cure for a few days. 

Regarding my glider/rocker debate..............
I was hesitant to spend beaucoup bucks on a chair that might or might not get use.  Some people (friends, family, & bloggers) have told me they can't live without theirs & others said they barely touched their glider/rocker.  We also ran into the problem of space; the nursery is small & most upholstered rockers are too mammoth-sized for this space (I'm not a fan of those wooden gliders with the padding due to my decrepit back issues). 

So when I stumbled upon two talented bloggers who turned the Ikea Jennylund accent chair into swivel -rockers, I was stoked. 

{All Growed Up's chair turned swivel-rocker}

{Mrs. Wigglebottom's chair turned swivel-rocker}

Here's ours (we haven't added the rocking mechanism yet). 
This chair's affordable, so comfy, low profile, & I can throw that slipcover in the wash as needed.
Bring on the spit-up & poop explosions.
Also, after googling the crap out of this chair, it's reassuring to see that a lot of bloggers have it in their nurseries, too.

Still chugging along but I think this little lady's room will be ready for a full reveal soon.

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