Showered: baby shower #2

This is the last baby shower post you'll have to put up with, I swear.

This past weekend, my kick-ass girlfriends Christina & Julie, hosted Baby Shower #2 for me & the Peanut. As I've mentioned before, I'm not accustomed to being the center of attention (hey, stop rolling your eyes skeptically) so I was feeling beyond blessed to be surrounded by such amazing ladies.  I don't know what I'd do without girlfriends. These ladies are total lushes awesome, through & through. They will make you pee from laughing; a true friend is one who makes me lose control of bodily function.

Julie & Christina incorporated Baby P's nursery colors, raspberry & gold, into the shower scheme.  Not easy to find raspberry stuff (fuschia or hot pink are not raspberry hues, dammit).
Invites were ordered from here & I couldn't be happier with them!

Love this bunting Julie created.
Heather said:
"And you can totally turn it into a string bikini post-baby!"

Adorably awesome diaper cake my friend Sara  created (she's the one in navy blue polka dots in the group pic below).
Can you tell Mr. FC registered for those brown moccasins on top? 
Since the Peanut's a girl, I think he's got high hopes she'll be a total tomboy.  Keep dreaming the dream, honey.

Jules said:
"There's like 2 bottles of white wine in that sangria, but don't worry, I diluted it with some orange liquer."
Best friend ever.

This zuchinni cake layered with fruit was to.die.for.
I forgot to take pics of the delicious food spread but it included rustic organic sandwiches from Whole Foods, baked brie en croute, fruit salad, a cheese/cracker plate, & a Napa cabbage salad.
I must have eaten a whole wheel of brie myself.

{ The lovely ladies, minus my friend Sam who arrived later }
L to R (back row): Sara, Kirsten, me, Michelle, Julie (co-hostess, the shower took place at her lovely home), Emily, Christina (co-hostess & new mom herself!)
L to R (front row): Kari, Nikki & daughter Vivian Harper, Heather, Jenny

Chatting about booze, birth control, freezing your eggs, & how someone should really invent "pasties" for portruding pregnant belly buttons.  Why should nipples have all the fun?
You know, just the typical baby shower topics.

It was the 2nd day of fall & 80 degree weather be damned, I was determined to wear boots.
(Did anyone else have a problem with spider veins all over your legs during pregnancy?!!)

Michelle (behind me & to the right in the group pic) who has given us soooooo much by way of pristine baby girl hand-me-downs, baby gear, etc. presented me with my favorite onesie of the bunch......................

.........................and also Mr. FC's  mug on a mug (in all his hawtness). 
It might have been the co-guest of honor at my shower, we all loved it so much:

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our family & friends, currently the nursery looks like this.
Time to start organizing.

Thanks for dropping by!  I have some nursery progress posts qeued up & will be back soon with those.
Hope you're not too burned out on baby-related posts yet because that's pretty much what's dominating our lives around here.

~smiley faces & hearts~