Quinn: 1 month

To document each monthly milestone of Quinn's first year, we'll be taking photos of her with these lovely monthly stickers from Sticky Bellies.  They were a kind gift from my blog friend Carly who is also the brilliant creator (sidenote: I've "known" Carly for years now, since back in our days on the Nest's Decorating & Renovating board).  I couldn't be more in love & impressed with her creations & the success of Sticky Bellies.  These reusable monthly stickers are so convenient, especially for folks like me who don't have the time/patience to bother with Photoshopping such things on to onesies (besides, they're much more adorable than anything I could've created).  Thanks so very much for thinking of our little Quinn, Carly!!

With the hustle & bustle of the holidays, we lagged in taking Quinn's 1 month photo. The girl was 2 weeks late making her arrival into our world, so I'm sensing a trend.........  Technically these are pics of Quinn at 1.5 months. Better late than never. =]

"Get me out of this chair..........."

Quinnie Girl~

We loved you from the start but as each day passes, our love for you grows even more. We're bursting at the seams with adoration for you over here.  

Things were a bit rough at the beginning, what with your long-awaited arrival & my breastfeeding issues (TMI: my milk didn't come in for 2.5 weeks & so we supplemented with donor milk--thank goodness for that resource).   I was an emotional wreck & felt like a failure but was fiercely determined to keep at it.  Thankfully, I think we're starting to find our groove.

We hear some newborns are "good sleepers" from the start, but not you, our little firecracker.  Up until last week (your 6 weeks mark), you preferred to nurse every 1.5 to 2 hours all day and all night!!  You prefer to nap only when one of us wears you (you love the Moby baby sling/wrap).  It's the "fourth trimester" phenomenon & is normal at this age says your pediatrician, plus you're so new & this world is a little scary, huh?  The sleep training can wait; right now I'm just trying to soak up these moments of being so close to you all the time.  They do go by so quickly.

I was one exhausted mama but just when I was coming to terms with our arrangement you gifted me with 4 straight hours of sleep one night last week & have kept that up for a week straight.  I'll take it!  Thank you, baby girl.  You are a truly happy baby (except when you're hungry, then all hell breaks loose).  You are getting chubbier & starting to smile at us & coo & babble away now.  It melts our hearts like you wouldn't believe--we're helpless little puddles up in here.

Parenting is the hardest thing your daddy & I have ever encountered, but it's true what they say that things do get easier with each day.  There are some days when it feels like we're trying to reinvent the wheel (as our dear friend Heather so eloquently puts it).  Then, just when we think we're completely incompetent, & that you just might petition for somebody else to be your parents, you gift us with a breakthrough that makes us shake our heads in wonder.  Maybe sometimes we don't suck after all.

Love you to the moon & back, Q-tie Pie.