Plank bathroom floor tiles

Probably the most Pinterested thing from this blog & the most asked-about feature in our home are the floor tiles in our guest bathroom.  We're quite fond of them.

{The photo above shows the color most accurately.}

 They are porcelain stone tiles cut in planks (we chose the 6 x 24 size).  We love the plank style for its uniqueness because, at the time, we rarely saw any plank style flooring besides hardwoods.  Our tiles are from Crossville Ceramics, more specifically their Plan series.  The tiles have a slightly bumpy textured surface & just a hint of metallic in the finish.  You can read more about them here.  Though the Lead color we chose is no longer available (it was marked down at the time when we purchased them from The Great Indoors) there are other grey options.

FYI: These tiles were designed for exterior use but we were told that interior use is fine too.  We thought the textured surface would be great for a bathroom to provide a bit of traction when it came to moisture & shower sprinkles.  It's been 1 year now & we couldn't be happier with them.  {When this bathroom isn't being used by guests, I demand that Mr. FC use it because I can't stand his man-scaping messiness.  Dude can foul up a bathroom, for realsies.}  We didn't see a need to seal the tiles since they're porcelain & are also surprisingly easy to clean despite their textured surface.  They still look pristine 1 year later; very durable so far!

I don't know who carries these tiles other than The Great Indoors, but hopefully you can locate a store near you.  If anyone out there has seen similar tiles, please let me know & I can link to them in this post.  I hope this helps those of you who have emailed me about them.  So sorry I haven't had a chance to respond to you individually!

*I was not compensated for mentioning Crossville Ceramics or The Great Indoors in this post.  Just thought this info would be useful for anyone who is interested!