Going Greek

I've been dying to add Greek key trim  to something & thought it'd be a subtle touch of pattern/color for our master bedroom curtains.  So I bought some Greek key jacquard ribbon from this Etsy seller.  The ribbon is a gorgeous green, somewhere between kiwi & olive.  I don't sew, so......fabric glue it is. Tip: apply a thin line of glue on each edge of the ribbon, rather than in the middle (I found there was less rippling that way).

It was a cloudy part of the day so pics are a bit murky but I had to take advantage of nap time!!
Other master bedroom goings-ons.......got a new duvet & a new throw pillow cover a while back.

The duvet's one of those pintuck ones that everyone seems to have these days (or maybe that's just the blog peeps I "know").  This one's from here & was another one of those "I'm so pregnant & swollen & can't drink wine, so I'm going to buy new stuff before this babygirl rocks my world" purchases from last fall.  
The best part about pintucks?  No ironing necessary. =]

The new throw pillow cover is Windsor Smith's Pelagos fabric in the Haze colorway (I think) from this Etsy seller.  I had intended it for the guest bedroom (which is slooooowly coming together) but it was like Pillows Gone Wild happening in there, so it came to live on our bed instead (since the espresso Greek key pillow that used to be there is now being used every day in Quinn's room).

I try to make the bed every morning.  It's how I stay sane.  Especially after rolling out of bed only to see the 512 strands of hair that my scalp has left behind.  Gross.  Post-partum hair loss can suck it.  
Anyway, here's my nightstand.  Some day I'll be able to convince Mr. FC we need proper, grown-up nightstands.  Some day.

Oh, Reality, you're not always pretty.  
Speaking of reality, the other side of the room has a towering  mountain of (clean) laundry, waiting to be folded.  Let's just pretend it still looks like this, mmkay?