Words are not enough to express how truly touched I am by your responses to my Things I'm Afraid To Tell You post..........but I'm going to try.  In writing/publishing those truths about myself, my intentions were not to fish for compliments or garner pity.  I wanted to put myself out there in the light of honesty, in hopes of reaching out to others who have experienced similar (after all, shedding those feelings of isolation is sometimes half the battle in feeling 'normal' again isn't it?).  I am forever affected & overwhelmed in the best possible way by the outpouring of your support & empathy; the power of kind people never ceases to amaze me.  And I am honored that so many of you shared your own stories with me (there was a lot of de-lurking happening, lol).  Honored & humbled.  
Thank you, a million times over.

P.S. If you did a similar post, I would love to read yours--just let me know!

Soooo, this post is what happens when I haven't blogged in a while & is my feeble attempt at catching up.  I hope you don't mind some a buttload of unedited & blurry camera phone snapshots of stuff happening around here.  Life is busy but full.  (I haven't jumped on the Instagram bandwagon yet.  I also don't have an iPhone, but I hear that there's an App for my Android?)

We went to our first wedding with Quinn (our good friends Sarah & Mark got married at the most beautiful ranch).  
Quinnie was a bit under-the-weather thanks to teething & a round of vaccinations the day before.  
We all probably slept a total of 3 hours the night before but that didn't stop us from having a great time!

Strolling around the gorgeous ranch with the Snap 'n' Go.

Nothing quite like nursing in the car in between the ceremony & reception times.
(Quinn hasn't really ever taken to the bottle, no matter how we've tried.)

BBQ fun.  
I like to call this photo Phi Delts All Grown Up.
Thanks for hosting Steve & Sarah, your home is AMAZING.

We've got a crawler!
Memorial Day romp.  This little girl is growing up way too fast.

We've got 2 teeth!  It's been quite the experience.  Quinn's a trooper.
Only 18 (?) more to go.....I miss sleep. =]

 Starting solids.  We're doing a variation of Baby Led Weaning.


Definitely my daughter.

Bedtime routine.

Enough about the Quinnster. =]
Got a faux bois rug (color: Clay) for the living room (more to come in a future post).
Love it!

Marbled paper with gold veining (framing it for the dining room).

A mini Quinnie room project (laser-cut wood chandelier from iTag Studios).

I'm switching back & forth between The Hunger Games (thanks Cathy C.!) & the Bloggess' book.  I can only find time to read after Quinn goes to bed & even then I need to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks.  I should be done with these by 2015.
It's how I roll read.

OK, got to fly--I hear Quinn waking from her nap.
How's that for a blog post full of randomness?!
Thanks for dropping in on my little corner of the world!