DIY upholstered headboard with nailhead trim (the sequel)

Thank you so very much for your kind, flattering comments on our family photos.
I am glad that we pulled off the illusion that we are a normal family.

These days it takes me far too long to do projects & blog about them. 
It could have something to do with a certain someone who decided to start walking before I was prepared for her to do so.
That certain someone also did not get the Daylight Saving Time memo.
(Rhymes with 'Squinn'.)

I made a headboard for the guest bedroom.  Back in 2009, I made one for our master bedroom because I was inspired by my friend Emily's awesome headboard.  
(Hey Em, remember when we were blogging before Pinterest, sponsorships, & Instagram? 
Also, remember when we had free time?)  

There are lots of tutorials & variations of DIY headboards all over the internets (tufting, piping, patterns, ornate shapes, oh my) but just as I did with our first headboard, I went simple. Because my taste can change like the wind, I chose a solid grey fabric that I know I won't get bored with (& can introduce pattern via throw pillows or bedding) & a shape that is classic (at least to me).  

Like our master bedroom's headboard, I didn't go super thick with the upholstery (just a double layer of medium-loft  quilt batting which is just fine for leaning one's back against) nor did I go complicated with hanging it (simple heavy-duty picture hangers on the back).  Our master bedroom's headboard was done exactly this way & is still going strong.

MATERIALS (for a queen-sized headboard)
*plywood ($12, cut at Home Depot; the dimensions I used for our queen bed: 36 in. tall x 63 in. wide)
*jigsaw (to do the cutouts for the shape I wanted)
*fabric ($10; actually a drapery panel I found on clearance at Target--it looks like the lovechild of a grey linen/dupioni silk/tweed)
*quilt batting ($10; the 'full' size is enough for a double layer of padding on a queen headboard)
*nailhead trim kit ($18; available at fabric store in their upholstery section or Amazon which is where I got mine)
*staple gun
*needle-nose pliers
*rubber mallet
*heavy duty hanging hardware

I sketched the curve I wanted & Mr. FC used the jigsaw to cut it out.  Then he took the cut-out piece, flipped it, traced it onto the other side of the headboard & voila!  Mirror image cut-outs.

I cut slits in the fabric to help it "hug" the curves better.

Though I do prefer the individual nailheads look (& briefly considered oversized nailheads), for the sake of my sanity, I again went with a nailhead trim kit.

 It helped to use painters' tape as a guide to keep the nailhead trim straight.
Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to help hold each nailhead.
Trust me, it is so much easier this way.

It's not perfect but it will do.
:) happy

DIY a headboard
find nightstands
hang a fun mirror above bed
get throw pillows & bedding -----> didn't blog about it but I do love how they look together
find unique bedside lamps
DIY (faux) potted orchids for nightstands
find/hang artwork or photos on wall opposite bed
find bench or ottoman for foot of bed