Quinn's Easter basket (fun with felt)

We're quickly discovering that part of the joy of having a little one is we're encouraged to see the world thru her eyes, which often makes us relive our favorite childhood memories.  Like the tradition of Easter baskets.  

We agreed not to go overboard since obviously Easter isn't about receiving gift baskets & Quinn will be getting stuff from other family members, too.  I did try to aim for a bit of creativity though.

Inspired by this colorful project, I made a little egg game for our girl.  When her daddy came home w/ plastic eggs a few days ago, she loved them so much she practically took some to bed with her.  Since she's at that stage where she loves to open/close & fill/empty things with her tiny fingers, I thought this was a good game that encourages her current interests/motor skills.  The corresponding egg yolk colors are of the idea that she can learn to color match as she gets older.  I'm aware that we'll have to explain to her why grocery store eggs are not all colors of the rainbow, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  Not it, not it.

This was so simple & fast.  I cut the 'egg whites' from white felt & the 'egg yolks' from the colorful felt (making sure they were small enough to stuff into each egg).  Then I glued each yolk to an egg white using fabric glue.  Let dry.  Done. 

Resin egg crate ($2.99, Michael's)
Felt sheets ($0.29/ea, Michael's)
Plastic eggs ($1.00/bag, Target)

Quinn plucked this woven paper/straw tote off the shelf at Target (from their bargains section--bargain hunter in the making?) & I thought it would be a good Easter 'basket'.  Maybe she could use it for other things later on like fruits & veggies from the farmer's market broken crayons & socks she insists belong on her hands. 
I sketched a bunny outline on leftover white felt, trimmed it, glued on a pom-pom & attached it to the tote with a dot of hot glue (it can be peeled off later).

Quinn picked out the ball & bucket herself.  She's also been obsessed with bubbles lately, though we've been blowing bubbles inside the house since Mother Nature did not get the memo that I want to drink wine outside on a patio we want to play outside in warm weather.  She's also quite the budding artist lately so we got her color pencils to add to her palette.

Sensing a bunny theme.............

Hope she likes it.  
Guessing that she'll play with the eggs for about 12 seconds & then turn her attention to ripping the tissue paper to shreds & stuffing it under the sofa cushions.
It's what the Quinnster does.

Practicing kickflips on Grammy's vintage skateboard.