DIY personalized doormat

Over a year ago, I happened upon this DIY personalized doormat & loved it.  I thought hey, I could knock that project out during one of Quinn's naps!

Then I promptly forgot about it, because I discovered that we had a baby who rarely slept the first 10 months of her life.  Stuff like making a personalized doormat made me panicky & sweaty (& I still hadn't showered so I was just sweating over old sweat).  

Anyway, Quinn's way more awesome now & she sleeps sometimes.  :) happy  Also, now that we've adjusted to our new-normal-that's-never-normal, little projects like these are back on my radar.

I got the same coir mat ($7) to personalize.  It's surprisingly a pretty decent doormat for that price & the simple border frames any initial/monogram nicely.  

1. Print letter(s) on cardstock.
2. Cut out & trace on to mat (a Sharpie works just fine).
3. Using a brush, fill in with paint (a 'stippling' technique worked best for this mat's texture).
4. Allow paint to dry/cure as directed on bottle (48 hrs for mine).

I used an outdoor acrylic paint ($2, Walmart or craft stores).  
This one is UV/weather resistant & self seals.

The doormat's been in use for about a week & so far so good; even with the muddy aftermath of a Colorado spring snowstorm.  It probably also helps that we have a covered porch to protect the mat from some of the elements.  Just a quick spray with the hose & it's good to go.

Looks like Target's Smith & Hawken aisle puked on my porch, doesn't it?!?!

I think this is a preserved boxwood wreath (this one) & is intended for indoor use only.  I took a chance by hanging it on our front door because our porch is covered & doesn't receive direct sunlight.  It's very dry here, so I mist the wreath every week or so.  It's been 1.5 months & it has held far.  
I hope it's preserved boxwood (the box doesn't say) otherwise I've been misting plastic all this time & that is just awkward.

Copper chalkboard plant stake also from Target.

Not much else decor-wise will be happening to this little porch of ours since we're enclosing it to turn it into a (very mini) mudroom very soon.  How come a mudroom isn't mandatory for every house?!  They sure are useful.

Obviously it will be very mini.  Some ideas that I hope to incorporate on a smaller scale.
 {For sources, please visit my Pinterest Mudroom Reno board}:

Operation Mini Mudroom starts early summer, hell yes.

Hope your weekend was grand!
Springlike weather popped in for what I hope will be a long stay & we did a lot of lawn lounging:
{ via my Instagram }

Thank you for stopping by!

**see how the exterior of our house has changed here**