A few things that have crossed my mind in the past 17.5 months of motherhood.  
Honesty ahead, prepare yourselves (I don't do sap).
#mommybloggerNO #boozedupbabymamaYES 

{all pics via my Instagram}

  • What did I do with my time before Quinn came along?  I was never one to sit on my laurels but seriously......what did I do with all that free time?
  • Before Quinn, I used to think "I would never {insert parental act here}". I wish my current self would've traveled back in time to bitch-slap my pre-baby, judge-y self's face.
  • Parenting has taught me infinitely about patience & time management.  It has humbled me.
Helping/not helping
  • When I used to blog about how 'busy' or 'stressed out' I was pre-Quinn........well, those posts are simply embarrassing to read now.  So naive, so spoiled.
  • How I wish Quinn's grandparents live in Colorado.  I think this every time they visit & then have to say good-bye.  They love their granddaughter to pieces; the love brings tears to my eyes.  Selfishly: duh, it's hard, this parenting thing.  Especially with faraway grandparents.  Especially with a hardworking husband who commutes & occasionally travels for work (but he's ALWAYS hands-on when he's here).  There, I said it.  I know, I know-- I have only one kid...........don't punch me, moms of multiple kids.  It definitely makes me appreciate family even more!
  • It's insane how I love my daughter.  I love Mr. FC beyond measure, but my love for my girl takes my breath away at times.  Believe me, I was never a baby lover. Dog lover yes, baby lover ehhhh.
  • Quinn has a whole lot of nice, but she has a whole lot of spice, too.  She gets it from me.

  • It's silly (& I understand circumstances are different for everyone--hello colicky little ones) but I make time for a shower. Every day.  It is my zen moment.  Even if that means showering at 10 pm & having to jump out, drenched & clutching the baby monitor, because I have a feverish waking baby.
  • I cringe when I hear moms say "Well now that I'm a mommy, I don't _________________."  Not judging, just saying.
  • I'm fully aware that just because I think my kid is adorable, it doesn't mean you should think she's adorable.
  • I chuckled whilst perusing a friend's baby registry recently.  Especially when I saw the pacifiers (Quinn hated them), soothing swings (Quinn hated them), Aden & Anais swaddles (Quinn hated them), bottles (Quinn hated them), cute headbands (Quinn hated them), & sound machines (Quinn hated them).
  • It's hard for me to ask for help, especially when it comes to parenting.  Not just because I'm Type A (I can do it all myself!) but I feel terrible inconveniencing others.  Again, humbling.
  • Never brag about how well your kid sleeps.  It'll bite you in the ass.  Or the sleep-deprived mom you're bragging to will bite you in the ass.
  • I know I'm very lucky to have a kid who eats adventurously (sushi, veggies, fruit, fish, ethnic cuisine).  We shall see how long this lasts. *:-O surprise
Dinner at Auntie & Uncle's

  • After 14 months of nursing a baby who never took to bottles (i.e., needed my boobs), I still catch myself watching the clock when I'm out & about w/out her.  For so long, I was so used to having to beeline it home after a couple hours.
  • Mommy groups make me feel out of place (not just because there's usually a lack of wine #kidding #maybe).  Thank goodness for friends with babies, story time at the library, toddler ballet class, etc.

  • Every day is a new normal......that's never normal.
  • Instagram is really just a way for moms to brag about their kid(s). #guilty
  • I might be of the "one & done" camp.  No offense, Quinnie Girl, if & when you read this. :) happy
  • Quinn's the center of our universe but it's vital that she's not our whole universe. We're I'm still working on this balance.  Am I making any sense?
  • Still, she's my favorite ever.  I love her with my whole heart & soul.

*I've learned that sarcasm isn't a universal language, so please no emails about how I'm a terrible parent.  Of course I'm kidding about the boozed up baby mama part. #maybe  :) happy