A new look for an old blog

I thought this old blog could use a different look.  Not a complete overhaul of a makeover; just a new "outfit".  So I enlisted the help of Shannon of Shannon Loves Design to freshen things up around here.  That she did!  I love the simple, subtle watercolor look (especially that painterly stroke--very fitting for this DIYer).  If you're looking for a new blog design (or just to freshen up your current one) and/or a graphic designer, I highly recommend Shannon Loves Design.  She's prompt, professional, friendly, & inherently creative.  Thank you, Shannon!

A few other bloggy things:

* Shannon created a custom "Pin It" button for me (a feature that caught my eye when I first saw it on Holly's blog).  If I may be so bold as to assume that you might want to Pin something from this blog, it's easier than ever.  Just hover your cursor over the photo & a "Pin It" button should appear.  Click on the button & voila.  {I'll let you know when we've figured out a way to Pin my sarcasm.......}

* I'm (finally) adding a tour of our house to the House Tour tab (see top of page).  Until now, that tab was empty & my so-called House Tour was just an empty promise. HA! I'm working on it, slowly but surely.

* I've said it before & I'm saying it again. In these days of Pinterest, Instagram, & various other DIY/social media outlets I'm truly appreciative of you taking the time to drop in on this old blog of mine.  Even more appreciative when some of you leave a comment!!  That wonderful feeling never gets old.  I love the opportunity to continue "our conversation" if you will, but a lot of you don't have an email attached to your profile or comment (the "No Reply Blogger"; I was one once).  My more popular sarcasm sister Cassie wrote a very helpful blog post about this & how to fix it.  You know, only if you want to.  This way, I can email you back to thank you for your comment or to answer any questions....late at night when I do most of my blog stuff....usually buzzed up on Cabernet Sauvignon.  My intentions are good.
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* And to round it all out, lately I've been turning over in my mind this poignant post by the lovely Lauren.  This gal has been thru quite a lot as of late, yet she manages to write as gracefully (witty, always) as ever.  Blogger or not, I'm taking her advice to heart.  I blog because I enjoy documenting my life & my family.  As with anything in life, doing something for the wrong reasons (be it popularity, approval, constant attention) is when it all becomes a burden.  Blogging is no exception, at least for me.  All this to say: with my blog's fresh new look, I'm working harder than ever to not stray from my old blogging roots.  For me, it's never been about blogging for recognition. That's never been the goal.  It's always been about remembering this life of ours, maintaining perspective, & appreciating the community & kindness of friends (you!) I've made along the way.
As always, I thank you for reading!

And of course, Happy Father's Day!
Especially to the best daddy dude Quinn & I know:

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