DIY baby shower gift: onesie/sock cupcakes

When it comes to baby showers (& wedding showers), I tend to stick to the registry for gifts.  However, for my friend Sarah's baby shower, I made 'cupcakes' for Baby R (in addition to a couple other things I gifted the parents-to-be from their registry).  And hey, these are both cute & useful!

I was inspired by these cupcakes, a fun gift idea that I promptly Pinned a few months ago.
My cupcakes made from onesies & socks.

I used 0-3 month onesies. 
Since Baby R's gender will be a surprise, I went with gender-neutral colors all around.  Obviously, the smaller the onesies the easier they are to fit into those baking cups, but I also had in mind that Baby R will be a summer baby--so short-sleeved onesies in this size made sense.  Hopefully they'll fit for more than a hot minute; babies grow like weeds.

Baking cups & cupcake box were from Michael's.
I used the sock 'overhang' to contain the rolled onesie.  Worked like a charm.
(Sorry about the grainy pics.  My projects are done late at night--not ideal for blog pics.)

Super easy to assemble, useful, & fun.  I'm not usually one to give 'cutesy' gifts but I couldn't resist these.  Remembering how ferociously hungry I always was whilst prego, I just hoped that the mom-to-be wouldn't be pissed that they weren't real cupcakes. HA!!

Speaking of real, the house the baby shower took place at was really amazing.  I was enjoying myself too much to remember to snap a pic of the house itself, but I did get one of the charming poolhouse/pool/backyard where the shower festivities took place (those ironing boards were part of the onesies decorating station).  

That pool's just asking for various wine-related rowdy behavior.  
"Niles, please remove Freckles Chick from the premises." 
It's not my first rodeo.  

*:D big grin