Bejeweled lacquered boxes

Hello!  Long time, no blog. We've got to stop meeting like this.

I imagine summer is flying by in a flurry for you like it is for us.  We've been enjoying all the quintessential summer activities: pool time, al fresco dining with friends, & eating our weight in ripe berries, watermelon, ice cream & popsicles.  We're also having lots of fun hosting visiting family members!

Amongst all the buzz, our mudroom reno is, well, buzzing along.  We're currently in that limbo stage where plans are being drawn & permits are being worked on.  Our contractor will be doing the structural stuff; we'll be doing the finishing stuff. This permit phase is blah in my mind; I'm quite looking forward to the 'finish work'.  Perhaps even losing sleep over it. I know, first world problems.

Enough about that. On to bejeweled lacquered boxes.  Do not worry.  I didn't break out my Bedazzler.  Besides I no longer own one (if you do, let's be friends).  I'm a fan of these affordable lacquered boxes as evidenced here.  I've since moved those green boxes to my closet to hold my baubles & bits (lol), so I scooped up a couple more for our entryway credenza.  They're great for corralling odds & ends.  

Quinn & I were at Target one day when I let her loose in the accessories department (they must love us).  She recently learned to say "frog" & her toddler eagle-eyes zeroed in on a pair of bejeweled frog earrings.  I was too busy checking out the scarves praised her & started to ask her to please put them back (tangent: "back" is a word she's added to her vocabulary which is her synonym for "clean"....usually preceded by her declaring something a "mess". My child, indeed.).  But then I took a closer look at the earrings, liked the whimsy of the bejeweled creatures, & thought they would make fun embellishments for something somewhere.  Into the cart they went.  I also added a pair of similarly bejeweled peacock earrings from Old Navy to the family.  

I'm the furthest thing from a hoarder, but sometimes I see things that I have to get that make no sense to anyone else.  All this to say, I eventually bejeweled some lacquered boxes with those earrings.

How long before the Mr. whines that these are too sparkly & replaces them with something wood-paneled? 
Until then, I'm enjoying them.  A bit girly, a bit whimsical, a whole lotta useful.
Yep, useful.

This vignette is temporary.  I intend for the boxes to sit on our credenza, but it's currently covered in a dropcloth as I'm sanding & painting these battered bannisters (opting not to restain them since they're in pretty bad shape & will likely be replaced).
More to come!
I hope your week is great!

* The mirror is an old Pier 1 charger on to which I glued a cheap craft store mirror a couple years ago.  It's what happens when you want to do crafts at 41 weeks pregnant.
* The gold faux croc tray was a HomeGoods purchase circa 2009.

P.S. Thanks a million to Best of DIY/Centsational Girl & What To Expect for featuring my version of onesie/sock cupcakes!!!