Office Nook: how it looks now

Hi there!  A belated Happy Independence Day to my American friends! 
 I hope you all had a great weekend.

We took a short road trip to Breckenridge for the weekend, where we met up with some good friends & their families (the guys are old friends from their Phi Delta Theta days & we gals get along swimmingly).  We rented a huge, scenic weekend house that accommodated 8 adults, 7 kids, & seemed a lot cooler before several tantrums & meltdowns occurred there. HA!  There was plenty of chaos & conversations we couldn't finish due to chasing after kids.....but the laughter was plenty, the mountain/lake views were magical, the wine was flowing, & memories were made dammit!

{ via my Instagram @freckleschic4 }

I had put in some work-from-home hours before we left town & as I tidied up my little desk, it occurred to me that I haven't shown my (basement) office nook in a couple years (here's how it looked).  After the basement renovation was completed, it was one of those spaces that I wanted to pull together B.Q. (before Quinn).  It hasn't changed much (it is only a nook after all) but since I do log hours working from home these days, I wanted to show how it works for me now.  I'd say it's less "styled" & more realistic these days.  I don't need much when it comes to my work: just my computer, basic office supplies (both hidden & on display), & a desktop file.  This is where I prefer to work.  Lounging on the sofa is enticing but I'm much more productive when there's a structured setup!  

Excuse the grainy photos, lighting's tricky down there.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember that I got 2 ghost chairs for our dining room.  Quinn's high  chair is currently taking up valuable real estate still in use, so I moved one of the ghost chairs to my office nook.  It's surprisingly comfortable!! I will warn you that if you find yourself sitting in this acrylic chair for an hour without getting up, as I'm apt to do when I get lost in work, sweaty butt might occur.  #foggyghostchair

Of course, this "office" isn't all work. 
It's also where I wrap gifts, write thank you notes, flip thru magazines, & blog.
I received this "Live true, be you" birthday card from a dear friend last January & promptly framed it.
It's a nice reminder, especially in these days of carefully curated social media images.

Quinnie chaser by day, paper chaser by night!

And if I'm to be completely honest, this is what you'd see if photo cropping wasn't my best friend, HA!

wall color (Benjamin Moore Gray Owl) / desk (console table Home Goods ~2 yrs) / clear acrylic magazine holders / clear acrylic desk accessories, desktop file, & storage box (Container Store) / bulletin board (DIY) / ghost chair / confetti pillow cover (originally intended for Quinn's room) / preserved boxwood

Thanks for dropping by!!