Weekend winks

First things first: the fabulous Jen of IHeart Organizing is featuring Quinn's playroom today!  This skilled, gorgeous gal needs no introduction.  I think of her as an organizing oracle--I mean seriously!  To say it's an honor to be featured on Jen's inspiring blog is an understatement.  Come on over, I'd love to see you there!
Thanks a million for having me, Jen, xoxo.


A peek into our weekend....we attended a wedding for dear friends & had an amazing time.  Quinn's Nana flew out from Iowa to spend a few days with us.  She & Quinn especially had a grand time! Those of you who have the grandparents nearby, I know you know how blessed you are.  Seeing that incredible bond day after day is indescribable & makes saying good-bye so bittersweet!

A few snaps from our phones of the beautiful wedding.  
It took place in breathtaking Estes Park at the gorgeous Taharaa Mountain Lodge.

Things sure have changed since we got married back in 2005.  
No one brings cameras anymore.  Just whip out your smartphone.
via my Instagram @freckleschic4
Thanks for a fabulous dress, 
Tailor & Stylist!
Photo bombed by the sun.
How about an awkward panoramic shot?! Good friends, good times.
We had a blast at the open bar wedding.
Red wine & cucumber water.  It's all about balance.
This was our first wedding solo since Quinn arrived & our first night away from her together.  It only took us 21 months, yeesh!  We've been away from her for social engagements separately but have never had a legit babysitter (blame it on 14 months of breastfeeding a non-bottle-loving baby &.....that's all I've got, ha).  Quinn adores her Nana (the feeling's mutual).  Nana is the most loving, detail-oriented grandma one could ever hope for & our minds were at ease the whole night.  She texted us updates at all the right times & Quinn was an absolute angel for her.  What the?!?! ;-)  

Bubbles after breakfast.
You were such a help in every way, thank you Nana!!

We met up with the family for breakfast the next morning, then an impromptu park/photo session courtesy of my talented brother-in-law.
I was definitely feeling the effects of the night before's festivities. 
Not as young as I used to be. That's going to be my last dance-off for a very long time.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!