A lantern light

Thanks a bunch to the witty/talented/genuine/Haven dream team member Chris of Just A Girl for featuring our little budget kitchen makeover recently!!  Chris & I have been blog buddies for ~5+ years, which is like an eternity in BlogLand.  I really just need to stop visiting her blog because her projects, humor, & all-around awesome just puts me to shame. #bloggerproblems  If you're looking to lose control of bodily function over someone's witty goings-ons, follow her on Instagram.  
Let's get weird up in here & pee our pants together.


Got a new light for our dining room. 
Husband installed it.  
We love it.
We hung the light at 35 inches above the table.  These pics are making it look much higher for some reason.

I've been searching for a new dining room light for months (maybe years) to replace the old, standard looking chandelier.  Of course, every fixture I loved was out of our budget and/or feared too trendy.  Throughout the process, I kept coming back to the classic lantern lights but wow, did I waffle. I'm usually not this indecisive.  

Then I saw this impeccably done house by veranda{interiors} (all her designs are impeccable, what am I saying):

Love the classic lantern modernized by the bare bones structural look of the frame.  Though our little space doesn't even compare, I was smitten & convinced.  Also, the dark wood island underneath reminded me of our dining room table.  Also also, the unexpected addition of round light bulbs was right up my alley.  

I found this one that fell right within our budget (free shipping!).  
I added round bulbs, too (Target).  Quinn calls them "bubbles".

Ghost chairs from here.
Who knew they would be the most wipeable, Quinn-proof, booster-friendly chair ever?!

Our house is surrounded by these trees bearing what I assume to be olive branches.
Or they could be toxic.  Do the Pottery Barn stylists have this problem?
(I made sure they were out of Quinn's reach.)

UPDATE: They're Russian olive tree branches!  Thanks, Jessica! :-)

It's a modest space full of memories.  
Quinn throwing food & me throwing wine.
Husband throwing us "I live in a loony bin" looks.

P.S. Thank you to those of you who asked how we were doing during the flooding here in Colorado.  Many thanks for thinking of us.  We're fine & grateful for it, as our friends just minutes west from us didn't fare well.  The clean-up is ongoing & the sense of community is incredible.  A friend spearheaded relief efforts via social media & the response has been overwhelming.  Rebuilding, slowly but surely :-)