Stamp-y for summer {rolling alphabet stamp}

We had a few neighbor-friends over for a casual end-of-summer gathering.  I'm talking burgers, chips, & salad.  Do people have casual summer soirées anymore?  Or have I been on Pinterest far too long?

And because I've been on Pinterest far too long, I did use the opportunity to bust out my rolling alphabet stamp for a few special details to beautify the booze station.  I don't do baking but I definitely do boozing.  My gal friends appreciated the effort, or so they said (maybe it was just the booze talking).

I got this rolling alphabet stamp (it actually also has numbers) at a paperie in Boulder 2+ years ago, but it's also available via etsy/online shops (search 'rolling alphabet stamp').  I still love this thing.  It was a bit tricky to use at first but once I got the hang of it, it's quite fun (or maybe that's just the booze talking).  

People are always wary of these straws.  They're fine for sipping.  Use 'em!
Just don't let them marinate in your drink for hours.
I usually don't have any drink left for this to happen.
Our friends appreciate this sort of clarification.
Then they lose interest & ask where the vodka is.
Frozen strawberries chilled the spritzers without diluting it.
Got to keep the potency of my potions.
Yet another use for washi tape.
Yep, still have crusty brass hinges on those cabinets.
The Mr. also assembled a drink station:

And once our friends arrived, I did a rare thing.  I put the camera down & just enjoyed the moments.  
It was the perfect end-of-summer soirée.  
Bring on the crimson-gold leaves, warm boots, & hot spicy chai!