Fall Family Photos 2013

Hello & TGIF
Things have been happening around here.  

The mini mudroom is going full speed ahead & by next week we'll be installing tile, painting, & all that fun stuff.  Quinn's used to napping to the sounds of drilling & hammering.  It's starting to resemble an actual room & we're already appreciating this little bit of extra space!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might've already seen a peek at our family photo session (thank you for all your kind, lovely comments!!).  We forced asked our friend Ben to once again take our photos this year.  He obliged & churned out awesome results.  

Though Quinn was walking during last year's photos, it was nothing compared to this year's session.  It was quite interesting trying to contain her as she preferred to explore/run/do the opposite of what we asked.  I was sweating & my hair wilting about 3 minutes into it.  Can you tell that some of my smiles were actually grimaces as I/we felt our grip on Quinn slipping?!  All in all, Quinn did so well, proud of her!  

A few of our favorites.
She's trying to break free.
{Update: Some of you asked on Instagram & here about my top. :-) It's an Anthropologie-esque knock-off I found at Express of all places (color: Natural).}
Pooping possibly
Skipping stones
Or boulders

Aaaand she's over it.

Thanks a million for capturing our little family so beautifully, Ben!
Also, it wouldn't have been possible without your lovely wife/assistant Sara's antics & bubble blowing.  
All of which mesmerized Quinn just long enough (like 2.5 seconds).

If you'd like to see that one other time we tried to look like a normal family, click here.

{All photo credit goes to Ben Klaus Photography}

P.S. Thanks to my girl Cassie for the link love--check out her Friday Five!!