Moving along on the mini mudroom

Thank you so much for your kind words on our family photos! 
Thinking of using that last pic for our Christmas card this year......

We got back last week from a fast & furious trip to Iowa to see my younger brother get married.  It was Quinn's first flight which presented some challenges but in the end all my stressing beforehand was needless.  Our girl loved traveling, especially seeing Nana, Papa & Ma Mah (Chinese for grandma).  Quinn was a champ thru it all, from the airport to flight to car travel to sleeping in unfamiliar beds.  I'm incredibly proud of Miss Diva Tot, as she's not always this easy-going.  By the way, I'm not one of those moms who thinks her kid poops gold, so you can count on me to tell it like it is, ha ;-)

Quinn & I flew back home to Colorado without the Mr. as he stayed behind to spend more time with a college friend of ours, who devastatingly is terminally ill with metastatic melanoma.  After battling for the past two years, our friend Chris has been given 2-4 weeks to live.  Our hearts are just in pieces for him, his family, & his angel of a girlfriend Kiersten. Talking with them is a constant reminder that every day of this life is a gift we sometimes take for granted.

To add to the atmosphere, the dynamics on my side of the family are awkward at best (I talked a bit about my dad here).  We put the fun in dysfunctional!  All in all it was a beautiful wedding but an emotionally exhausting trip, one that I'm still struggling to put into words.  Do you ever experience that?

Enough of this heavy talk, I owe you an update on our mudroom reno! 

Someone's pants are falling down.

Just waiting for a wooden stoop to be built, some trimwork & planks under the eaves.

There will be a door going on that cabinet & crown moulding around the room.

Here's the general plan for this mudroom of ours:

*tile from Lowe's off the shelf (I'll try to find the box for the name)
*everything's getting painted BM White Dove except for....
--the floating bench will be stained a dark color
--ceiling color to be determined

Our detail-oriented, dependable contractor has done an amazing job with turning our rambling vision into a reality.  
If you're in the Boulder area, let me know if you'd like his contact info.

Alright, back to painting & doing laundry!
How does a family of 3 accumulate this much dirty clothing just from 4 days away?!?
I do not know.