Featured & Warm Wishes

My blog friend Jennifer of Rambling Renovators has included me in her annual Great Reads tour today!  Hop on over to boost my ego find out what was my most popular post & my favorite post of 2013 (and more).  I've read Jen's blog from the beginning & by some small miracle she still reads mine ;-)  Jen is one of the most inspiring, talented, genuine, & humble bloggers out there & to say that I'm honored to be on her list (amongst such awesome bloggers to boot) is an understatement.  Thank you, J! Extra thanks to all of you for taking the time to drop in from time to time to read my ramblings!

And totally unrelated but because I just can't resist, here look at my kid!

Quinn learned the word frost on our morning walk: "Frooooosst"

If you celebrate the winter holidays, I hope yours are happy & joyful!  
Like hearing magical jingle bells at your door.  
Warm wishes & merry merry, friends!