Holiday gift wrapping: festive & feathery

Last night I had a dream I was at Nordstrom looking for a holiday party outfit & Victoria Beckham was my personal shopper/stylist.  Everyone knew it was Victoria Beckham because apparently it was a holiday charity event where celebrities offered their styling services (I couldn't figure out if I was the charity or not).  Victoria was quite nice, wish I could remember the ensemble she selected for me.  And you know how Nordstrom usually has a grand piano in the center of the store playing twinkling holiday music?  Well, David Beckham was also there decked out in a tartan tux (???) & playing the piano....I was all "Wow Becks, you're not only good with your feet, you're good with your hands, too."  Then I woke up.  I rarely dream, which is a good thing probably.

In other news, I had fun with holiday gift wrapping this year.  Like last year, we along with our extended family members decided to alleviate some of the holiday stress & forgo gifts for each other, thereby just spending that money on ourselves (the only gifts we're giving are for Quinn)*.  So I have it easy this year with just wrapping a few gifts for close friends.  I vowed not to buy anything new to gift wrap with, especially since I have so much crafty crap in my closet.  I'm either really resourceful or a hoarder.

I'm linking up to my favorite gal pal I've never met, Cassie& the lovely Michaela Noelle, who are both hosting a Holiday Craft link party here & here as part of the Holiday Cheer in the Blogosphere series (I shared my holiday mantel here).  Check out their fabulously festive holiday crafts, the endless other inspiring links, & link up your own!

I got feathery & festive with cardstock, using these fine feather templates that Lia graciously provides.  I didn't "feather" them completely, preferring more of a graphic feather if you will (just kidding, I was too buzzed up to handle more scissoring).  Then I stuck on glitter tape (Target, Michael's) & trimmed around that.  All four took about 20 easy breezy minutes late one night.  My kind of craft!  {If you prefer real glittered feathers, check out what Bethany did here & Kristin did here!}

Other bits & baubles:
I promise, no kraft paper next Christmas!

*Quinn says we all can keep our gold glitter tape, striped ribbons, & pretentious evergreen sprigs.  Her gifts are getting decked out in Sofia the First/Doc McStuffins gift wrap.