Mini mudroom: the exterior progress

Thank you to all who left such supportive comments on my previous post.  It's my hope to be honest & genuine on this blog.  Knowing that you share similar sentiments makes my heart happy.  In keeping with my goal to post more progress pics of our home, let's take this outside shall we?

I did the smart thing & snapped exterior photos in 3 degree weather, just when it started to blizzard (again).  A neighbor who was getting her mail must have thought I had lost my mind.  "It's OK! I blog!"  Well.  That didn't help things.

Here's the front entry pre-mudroom addition:
And after the mudroom addition, below, with a few more things to finish up.  
We managed to paint the siding, trim & eaves on the new mudroom a couple months ago before the cold weather settled in.
It's still looking pretty rough, but hey that's the nature of progress pics.  
Holy icicles, batman! 

I have to be honest here: I'm not in love with this light on our house.  We liked it in the store, but once installed it was a bit underwhelming.  Keeping my eyes out for something with more impact.  We're just lucky to have a working light again after all that construction.
We had originally thought we wanted a glossy black door.  Then we saw this one at our local store.  We like the style, the fiberglass feature, & quite honestly the thought of not having to paint a door (been there, done that) was appealing.  We might paint down the road if the mood strikes but this works for us at the moment.
'Scuse the snow on the ledge.

About 4 years ago, we had our exterior redone as seen here.  The siding's paint color is Benjamin Moore Mohegan Sage; trim is Benjamin Moore White Dove.  Not everyone's a fan of dark-colored houses (I know I wasn't) but I have to say, I'm still in love with this color today.  It's a chameleon color, a velvety green-grey.  Every once in a while throughout the year, to our surprise, people knock on our door to ask about the color.  The back of our house does get southern exposure so yes, it does warm up back there with the dark paint color absorbing the sun's rays -- it's not terribly intense though.

Nothing more stylish than a neon green building permit displayed in your window for months ;-)

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P.S. I'm guest posting for my fabulous wino blog buddy, Amanda of Kids and Cabernet today.  Talking about my love for Lucite.  If you have a free moment, would love to see you over there!  Have a wonderful week!