Mini mudroom: finally finished

Hi there.  I'm stoked to finally share our mudroom today.  

How long has it taken?  About 8 months, I think....only because we wanted to do some of the work ourselves & we wanted to work around our contractor-friend's schedule since he's amazing & did us the favor of taking on our mudroom despite his packed schedule. I stopped really keeping track around 6 months so for all I know, it might've taken years.  What year is it, are we driving flying cars yet?

We started out with a little stoop, had a bigger foundation poured, & then had it framed.  Then came electrical, insulation, & drywall.  Hubby tiled, stained the bench, caulked, puttied, etc.  Our contractor installed the board & batten, bench, cabinetry, plank ceiling, amongst countless other things.  Dirk, if you're reading this: We're never moving. We're just going to have you add on to our house as necessary because you do flawless work, friend.  I painted....and painted.....and painted (mostly after Quinn was in bed). So here we are!

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The beginning (Quinn's pants are falling off, she's so excited):
The's a tricky room to photograph (plus it started to flurry) so here goes!
The wall to the left used to be part of the original exterior so you'll notice some dents, a few crooked planks, and imperfections.  We just kept it as is because we like that it's not-so-perfect & adds character to this new addition.  Or maybe we were just lazy as feck.
This door leads to the garage & we didn't replace it.  It's metal & in great shape.  
Quinn thinks we made it magnetic specially for her.
Concealed storage was a must.  Hats, gloves, wine, sunscreen, tissues, reusable grocery bags, even Quinn's ballet shoes are all within reach as we're flying out the door.

There are usually 20 more pairs of shoes & tons of crap lying around ;-)

We didn't have any HVAC done to this mudroom, though we did insulate the garage & the crawl space above (part of which is the mudroom ceiling).  Winter in the Colorado foothills is quite mild (I'm from Iowa so I'm comparing it to that) but on the colder days we've used a little space heater in this space during the day.  At the moment, we still have our former front door as an extra layer of protection....not sure if it or the old metal threshold will stay, we shall see.

Benjamin Moore White Dove paint
hooks (local Boulder store)
rug (Target's Threshold line, not listed on website)
mirror (HomeGoods)
framed feathers (DIY)
striped baskets (HomeGoods)
adhesive bookplates (Michael's)

Thank you for sticking around & for taking interest in our mudroom!  
Even though we dubbed it a "mini" addition, it's spoiled us enormously.
We really tried to maximize the space & it is such a workhorse of a room.  We absolutely love it.  
More to come on the updated front exterior!