Mini mudroom: stoop-endous

Happy April Fool's Day!  Where are all the Pinterest decor ideas for this day?!

In other news, after ~7 months of having no front stoop due to the mudroom reno, we have one again:


I've gotten so used to taking a decent step down/up thru the doorway these past months, you'd think I have buns of steel by now.  (I don't.)  There have been lots of aspects of this mudroom reno that we've hired out & building the stoop was one of them.  I just want to clarify that while we've DIYed some things (tiling, all the painting, some trimwork, staining/sealing to name a few), there have been way more things we've left to our contractor-friend.  The truth?  It feels awesome.  I think we've run out of steam after 7 years of (mostly) DIY renovating!

As for the front stoop, we just wanted a simple redwood platform in keeping with the rustic, casual Colorado vibe of our neighborhood.  No bells & whistles.  After the redwood acclimates for a couple weeks, we'll probably stain it a rich color (maybe walnut like the mudroom bench).

But right now, it's all looking pretty rough:
A rendering of the look we're going for (imagine a darker-hued stoop):
copper light / DIY door mat / planter

We're crossing our fingers that the typical Colorado spring snowstorm 
doesn't happen so we can get to some landscaping.  
Thanks for stopping by!

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