Gild-y as charged

It took me all day to think of that title.

Funny how summer took a while to get going here (rain!) & suddenly, August in all its school supplies glory is unabashedly staring at us around every corner.  Hope you've been squeezing every drop of fun out of your summer!  What's new, let's see...this awesome furry Ewok guy is keeping us busy in the best way.  He fits right in with our family & has stolen our hearts!  I've also been working on another Home Depot Style Challenge (Halloween).  Stoked to be asked back!  It's getting batty around these parts.

Anyway, we were out to dinner recently & I had oysters.  I asked our waiter if I could take one of the shells home, as I remembered seeing this craft pop up in my Pinterest feed.  He didn't think it was odd, because apparently lots of patrons take home their oyster shells for crafts (an oyster shell windchime was mentioned).  My in-laws also didn't think it was odd because you know, I've been odder. 

Aw, family & stuff.

I cleaned the shell with soap & water, then boiled it for 10 minutes to diminish the briney, fishy smell.  Then I let it air dry before spraying the concave pearly side with my favorite gold spraypaint.  After it cured for a few days outside, I was all "The world is my gilded oyster!" up in here.

This is my office nook in our master bedroom which I initially posted about here.  I'm a part-time bookkeeper (totally glamorous) & I don't need much when it comes to an office.  It's like, just get your work done remotely so you can go browsing on Amazon, mmkay.  LOVE the black wall that I painted last year; everything just pops against it! 

Nothing's new except for the canvas art but here are some sources:

paint: Benjamin Moore Soot
framed (faux) fern fronds: DIY
framed Van Gogh's Roses: ripped from one of my books
sailing canvas: HomeGoods
gold wishbone: Hobby Lobby
console table used as a desk (I added brass corners): HomeGoods
lamp: HomeGoods
ghost chair: Biz Chair

More to come on this room soon when I get motivated next ;-) 
Thanks so much for reading!  
Wishing you the best summer has left to offer!