Thinking warm weather thoughts

Spring hasn't sprung yet for us in Colorado, but I think the thaw is ready to happen. 
I say, as I sip my hot tea, tighten the belt on my chunky cardigan, & turn the heat up another notch.

I rounded up some clothes in the spirit of skipping right to Spring & heading straight to Summer. 
Slathering on more deodorant & grabbing the chilled Sauvignon Blanc, because I'm longing for warmer weather!

v-neck tank 
(a go-to tank, I have it in 3 colors)
(culottes have been a staple in my closet since I was a kid)
linen (blend) dress 
white ankle jeans 
(Anyone else have a long torso & short legs? I got so tired of getting my pants hemmed. Now that ankle lengths are widely available, hallelujah for the perfect inseam!)
(So glad that Target brought these back again. They're very comfy & no "breaking-in" required.)

My hair's in a bun 80% of the time, so why not jazz it up with hair scarves (sources unknown)
gold hairclip 
(for ponytail days...calm down now, self)
(love mine; flattering for any face shape)
cover up

girls swimsuit
(Boden swimsuits are our favorite, awesome quality)
girls cover up 
(ordered this last summer in a size bigger & thinking it'll last Quinn another summer)
(Our favorite sunscreen. Non-greasy, free of oxybenzone, octinoxate, synthetic fragrances & parabens plus it smells like summer!)
water-friendly sandals

Thinking warm weather thoughts!!

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